About Kelly Mayne

Hi There,

 I'm Kelly and I specialise in helping people who are ready to walk their talk and want to live in a conscious way. When I was 21 I had a massive spiritual awakening with my then partner which changed our life's in a very profound way. Although it felt very scary at the time it happened I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to unplug from the norm so to speak. Since then I have been on an exciting journey. I have decided to re write my website to come in line with where I am today and how I work.

I realised early on that the type of clients I attracted despite not advertising any of this on my website were mainly people who were having some sort of spiritual awakening themselves so although they would often book in under for something like anxiety for example, without any prompting from me they would start telling me about spiritual issues or how they seemed to be getting nudges in some way. In the early days this was often to do with paranormal disturbance such as entity issues. This was terrifying for me as that was how was awakened and it wasn't without reason. Apparently one of my soul contracts was as an entity clearer…great the thing that scared me the most ! I had by then been introduced to my 3 main higher level guides and the thing we all had in common was we were all entity clearers and healers. I didn't have an awful lot of trust in those days and so I would often be getting guidance and having a mini argument with them about it because I really didn't want to do this work. I was quite happy to be a healer but did every single client have to turn up with a dozen or so attached entities!? For the first 5 years of me getting used to this new life I could see entities and had frequent visitors at all times of day and night and then just like that one day I lost my fear and life became much easier.

So back to the here and now. Despite gaining lots of trust over the years (this is still a work in progress) I always shied away from advertising what the main body of my work really was as I was fearful about losing respectability if I mentioned anything remotely spiritual, so I just trusted the right people would find me and they did to an extent. The last 3 months of 2018 involved a lot of clearing and processing work for me. it was all day everyday, I have raked through anything that could be limiting my energy output in any way and this is still on-going. As part of this my guides have asked me to specialise in helping people who are wanting to walk a hard but beautiful path that involves taking responsibility for how you use your own power. 

So here is what I do and don't do

I can help anyone examine how to take responsibility for their life

I can work with anything that is affecting someone on a mental, emotional or spiritual level

I can help open people up to connect with their guides and higher level guidance

I can help resolve issues of spirit disturbance or attachment or any of the things that come with it

I can facilitate you to recognise lies that you are telling yourself and false stories that you have woven and why you might of done such a thing

I can help you to understand how energy works and why you may be faced with repeat learnings

I can attune you to healing energies and also help you to transmute old energy and bring in new positive energy.

I can help you become aware of how much time you are listening to your inner judge and how often you judge others

I can teach you about archetypal patterns and how to find out your own 8 major archetypes

I am not a medium and do not do readings but I can sometimes facilitate you to receive messages from loved ones if it is for your highest good

I can help you learn how to evolve relationships with others

I can train you in several very effective modalities that will help you grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

I can help you to come to a state where you are not controlled by the mass consciousness energy anymore so you don't have to be in a defensive place every time you step out of the door.

I no longer offer services such as weight loss, smoking cessation or hypnobirthing as I feel there are plenty of people out there already providing this service and I am happy to make recommendations to other therapists who provide these services.

I am trained in various different modalities and I have picked them because they fit the following criteria  

*Proven Results

*Simple to teach to clients for their own use

*Works on an unconscious and conscious level

*Quick results (No one wants to be in visiting a therapist/teacher for years)

My main goal with my clients is to empower you by supporting you and also teaching you tools and techniques to assist you in everyday life. We all know life is not a straight line and our emotional, mental and spiritual state can vary on a day to day level which is why I believe it is so important to teach quick and easy techniques to use for yourself so you always have the choice to help yourself.

Some of the things that can be seen as a wake up call are 

Feeling stressed or burnt out all the time, physical illness, losing a job or disliking your job so much it drains all your energy, seeing synchronistic signs, feeling guilt, shame or anger. Defensiveness, a feeling of dread, entity problems that keep repeating (everyone gets one or two from time to time)recognising all your actions come from a place of fear and many more

To live a spiritual life you don't have to subscribe to any religion or belief system, you don't have to work with guides but you do have to take responsibility for who you are and how you effect others around you. 

It is time to realise that we have to look after all aspects of our health, that includes our Physical bodies, our Emotions, our Thoughts and our Spiritual needs. When we look after all 4 areas we feel better prepared for the up's and down's of life and at peace with ourselves 

I am trained in the following:

Analytical Hypnotherapy

Classic EFT

NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Coaching

Mindfulness Teacher and Practitioner

Advanced language skills

Conversational Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking for Health

Energy EFT/ Positive EFT

Modern Stress Management

Energy in Motion

Modern Energy Coaching

Reiki Teacher

Trainer for The Guild of Energists 

Spiritual Growth teacher 

Please enjoy taking a look around my website and if you have any questions at all please get in touch for a chat

As a trainer I can also offer the following trainings

EEFT foundation 1 day training

EEFT Master Practitioner 3 day training/ Modern Energy Tapping 

MSM foundation 1 day training

MSM facilitator 2 day training

Energy in Motion Master Practitioner 3 day training

Positive EFT 1 day training

Reiki 1, 2 and Teacher training

Healing with The Divine transformational rays 1 day training

Modern Energy Coaching 1 day training.

Plus I offer workshops on facing your dark side and connecting to new energies