WORKING WITH YOUR SHADOW SIDES 16TH MARCH 2019 Come and release anything that is causing you to lose power including trauma, shame, fear, lies, humiliation to name a few. We will be working in non judgement, honesty and with a sense of humour and forgiveness. We will...

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Modern Energy Coaching

I am very happy to announce I have just completed the training in Modern Energy Coaching and I am very much looking forward to sharing the latest techniques available to help people with Health issues on an emotional, Mental and spiritual level. I will be teaching...

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Happy New year

Happy New Year...Lets work together to make 2018 great  If there are things you would like to change so you can have a happier more content or exciting 2018, then look no further.  As well as being trained in Goal setting I combine various techniques to...

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New Training dates

NEW TRAINING DATES FOR AUTUMN. LEARN A NEW SKILLPlease check out the Events page for full details of new training dates, if you would like to do a training but can't make the date do let me know as I can offer one to one trainings or if I am about to list another...

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Post Birth Trauma/Miscarriage support

Birth Trauma and MiscarriageIt's a sad fact that most Mum's and Dad's don't realise that you don't have to just try and deal with your feelings around these areas alone. If you have suffered a miscarriage or had what you feel is a negative birth...

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HALF TERM HELP FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS****If your child is suffering from exam stress, bullying, low self esteem, lack of confidence, sports/creative performance or problems sleeping why not book them in for a session in which we will utilise the fun aspects of tapping...

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***SLEEP SURGERY*** Do you have issues with getting off to sleep or staying asleep through the night? Would you like to have beautiful calm nights of deep restful sleep? Godalming Hypnotherapy can help you with our new sleep surgery sessions. You will learn...

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Modern Stress Management in Surrey

        I'm pleased to announce that I have just updated my training again to include Modern Stress ManagementWhat does this mean for you?It means I can use the very latest techniques in Modern stress management when I work with you...

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Self Esteem Booster

Who is it for?Your self esteem has taken a battering due to a series of eventsYou just don't feel worthy/good enoughYou have low expectations for yourself and how others see youYou are aware of early childhood events that have had an effect on how you about...

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New Training's Taken by Kelly in 2018

It is always my aim to keep as up to date as possible with what I am able to offer my clients.

I am excited to share with you that this year I have trained in Modern Energy Coaching, Modern Energy Tapping (The most up to date version of EFT) and now I am completing a 70 hour course in Mindfulness so I can become a Mindfulness Teacher. As part of this I also spend up to 2 hours a day cultivating a self practice in Meditation.

I hope to have finished this training by September 2018 and will then start teaching classes

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