A bit about Spiritual Direction

In the old days we found our spiritual direction in religion, most faiths had a way of helping confess our sins so to speak and although its not language I like, it helped people be more honest with themselves about there behaviours. As well as that we would be giving spiritual direction through the morals and values of each faith. These days we don’t have to confess our “sins” but it is good to have someone to help you go through the stuff that is draining your energy. For instance if you feel shame about something, even if its something someone said about you that wasn’t true you will find it will limit your self worth because how can you have proper self worth if you feel bad about yourself. One of the tools I teach is how to clear this sort of energetic burden so you can actually stand in your own power and respect yourself and boy, does everything change when you have  self respect. You will never have any boundary problems, ie people treating you badly, lying to you etc because your self respect wont allow it.

All the work we do when clearing out our shadow sides in done from a place of non judgement, discovery, honesty and with a bit of humour to lighten things up, here is just some of the things we can look at

The lies we are telling ourselves on a daily basis

for example: Not being able to keep your word (Even to yourself) I’m going to eat healthy today knowing full well your not.

I’m in a relationship with this person who I pretend to love but the reality is I’m too scared to be on my own.

Shame/guilt/fear/anger about things we have done in our past, or had done to us or people have said about us (feeling judged)

Can we forgive ourselves and or others or are we still blaming

Coping habits we have developed to help us cope with reality – over/under eating, phone addiction, mindless behaviours, smoking, drugs pain/illness, need for intimacy, co-dependency, overspending and debt issues

Creating new routines, habits and behaviours that will enhance your life and becoming self regulating.

Advice on working with archetype patterns to help understand your behaviours.

Who can Spiritual Direction Help?

Anyone who is feeling a need to look a bit deeper in to their psyche and understand why they behave as they do.

Anyone who feels their life is in chaos

Anyone who is already living in a conscious way but who would like to go deeper

All sessions can be taken in person or over skype and additional support can be arranged if needed