At  Godalming Hypnotherapy we offer two types of healing, Reiki which is a beautiful healing system that came over from Japan in the 1920’s 

Its power is not to be underestimated as although receiving it is a wonderful calming experience the results can be astounding. In my time as a healer I have worked with people suffering from such things as suicidal thoughts, depression, I.B.S, tension headaches, adrenal fatigue and exhaustion.

For some of these clients doing anything pro-active was just too much so Reiki healing was a perfect way for them to receive the support they needed in a relaxing and rejuvenating way.

What happens in a Reiki Healing session

Much like my other sessions we will start off by having a chat to find out if there is anything in particular to be worked on.

You can then choose to sit or lay down to receive the healing and we then start by leading you into a relaxing place with a little hypnotherapy as the more relaxed you are the more healing you can receive.

Most of the time The healing is hands off but occasionally there is a need to place hands directly on the body.


What does having Reiki feel like


Its slightly different for everyone but most people describe it as a relaxing experience where you can sometimes feel heat or tingling in different parts of the body. Often people report feeling like their energy has been lifted or lightened after a session 


Kelly was first attuned to Reiki in 1996 after a serious illness that needed surgery. In the weeks after Kelly was being cared for by a team of nurses who visited her at home and she noticed that when 2 of the nurses in particular visited she always felt much better and after mentioning it to them she found out they were both trained Reiki healers. 2 weeks later Kelly trained in Reiki 1 which soon was followed by Reiki 2. Then a year later she trained as a Reiki Teacher/Master

Kelly Says ” I love Reiki healing and can still remember my first experience of receiving it today. I felt amazing …as if I’d had a blessing and a cleansing all at the same time. I still remember thinking I wish more people could know about this, its like a spiritual high”


Healing with The Divine Transformational Rays

Kelly is one of a few people trained by Clive S Hethrington who wrote the life altering book The Hitch hikers guide to Unity consciousness

Using the healing energy of the Divine transformational rays as well along side the book makes for a very powerful and transformational healing that can be used to treat a specific issue or to remove blocks to spiritual growth

For more information on this energy work please email kellyreiki@btopenworld.com

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