Modern Energy Tapping

M.E.T is short for Modern Energy Tapping and although it is a relatively new technique in terms of therapies it is one of the most effective therapies available today. M.E.T utilises certain acupressure points on the face, hands and body. By tapping or holding these points it releases the old emotion, pattern, belief, decision or block easily and without further trauma. Examples of work we might use M.E.T for are PTSD, grief, stress, anger, ill health, rejection, abandonment issues, fears and phobia’s. M.E.T has so many uses and its easy to pick up and use for yourself on a daily basis. MET is a perfect therapy for children as well as adults and is great for children who have been bullied or lost confidence, in fact it is Kelly’s personal favourite therapy and is the one she uses on a day to day level for anything and everything that crops up. 

Kelly originally trained in EFT (from which MET has evolved) in 2003 and then took the Master Practitioner training in the newest and most up to date training at the time which was called Energy EFT in 2013. The really wonderful thing about The newest form (M.E.T) is that we now know we don’t have to work with trauma by working on negatives. We can actually use positive energy to to solve old issues. M.E.T is the most empowering and exciting way to work I have come across and wipes the floor with traditional therapies that often cause more trauma while you are having to dredge up all the old stuff. It’s now so much easier to free yourself and also give yourself the nurturing, care, love, acceptance and any other type of emotion or energy that you need. Imagine what life would be like if you could choose to be HAPPY, INSPIRED, CREATIVE AND ENERGISED  every day.

Modern Energy Tapping is vastly different from all other types of tapping therapy in that it works in a way that is designed to focus on what you want from the start of the session. Your session will be energising and empowering and moves away completely from therapy needing to be a draining thing that you have to go through.

 M.E.T is Kelly’s passion and she is now also a Trainer In Modern Energy Tapping as well as Modern Stress Management.If you would like to find out more about Modern Energy Tapping and the many ways it can help you why not give Kelly a call on 0787332394

 ***Now available – Training days in Modern Energy Tapping at Foundation level. Learn to treat yourself, family and friends in just 1 day or if you fancy a career change or would like to add a new Therapy to your tool box you can train as a Master Practitioner in a 3 day fully comprehensive training with Kelly in Godalming or an area of your choice for a minimum of 3 friends. Please have a look at the Events page for upcoming trainings but don’t be afraid to ask about future dates***



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EFT Testimonials

Kelly used EFT with my 11 year old son who was being bullied at school. It was amazing to watch my son change from a child who dreaded school to one who bounded out the door each morning.


Kelly at Godalming Hypnotherapy used a combination of EFT and Hypnosis to clear my life long phobia of spiders in just 2 sessions! EFT completely cleared the phobia and then we did a follow up session of hypnosis as a relaxation tool. To anyone who can’t get their head around EFT neither could I but I’m happy to say it works.


I had never heard of EFT when I sort out help for various different issues but thought I’d give it a go. I can honestly say this technique has changed my life in so many ways. My health has improved dramatically. I no longer attract the wrong sort of relationships and I feel happy and fulfilled knowing that I have a tool for creating change in my life.


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