Session Structure

Sessions are available in the following formats

Personal one to one sessions in person or on skype are one and a half hours in length but can be longer on request

The structure of sessions after the initial consultation is as follows

20 minutes to update on progress and discuss any thing that has come up during the week. 1 hour of full work and then 10 minutes for closing session and re-booking

This costs 80.00 if paying per session

if buying 3 sessions in advance £220

or 6 sessions in advance £400 (1 session is essentially free)

All sessions need to be paid for in advance or on the day by arrangement with Kelly

Distant sessions 1 hour 15 mins 

I can now offer Distant sessions where I work on a certain theme for you. These sessions are ideal for time poor people who want to look after their own health but live hectic or unpredictable lives

The session includes 15 mins consultation either by skype or email. 1 hour of work from me with detailed email and homework and recommendations of what to do to enhance the work.

In the session I work with my guides and my own knowledge to get as much done for you as possible. It is important you understand that you will be required to do some work on yourself too.

First session will be a skype or in person consultation and teaching session of the tools I will ask you to use which will include Modern Energy Tapping £80. I will then send you out a brochure and hand outs to help you

Distant sessions price £70.00 Including follow up email and recommendations.

In distant sessions I do cover a lot of ground due to the fact I link in and then work without distraction for the full hour so I advise that clients have a restful evening and drink plenty of water on session days.

Therapies used are :

Modern Energy Coaching

Modern Energy Coaching is a system that incorporates Energy EFT to help clients plan, take action and achieve goals, a typical session will start by getting the client into a high energised state for optimum goal setting, planning the goal and using EEFT to clear any blocks or uncertainty toward the steps that need to be taken to achieve the goal, then we will work as a team to plan how each step is going to be achieved and how long needs to be allocated to do it. Coaching sessions come in 3 packages depending on what level of support is needed and all 3 packages come with 20 minute skype sessions in between sessions as well as email and phone support. The way I use Modern Energy coaching is usually to help clients set spiritually minded goals to help with evolving the soul.


Hypnosis is a completely natural state that we go into many times a day. Examples of this are when we get really absorbed in a book or T.V. programme, or have gone into a day dream and that state just before you fall asleep. It’s when the unconscious mind has bypassed the conscious mind that you go into this light state of trance. Lots of people think of the unconscious mind as the secondary mind, or even are a bit suspicious of it, but actually it is our primary mind – it runs the body, keeps blood pumping and all the things that you don’t have to remember to do to stay alive. It is also the part of us that stores events in our lives and more importantly traumatic memories, which is why using a slightly deeper state of hypnosis is so successful for changing the way we think and feel about something. When under hypnosis you will feel pleasantly relaxed, you will hear everything that is said to you, and if a hypnotherapist said something to you that you did not agree with your mind would reject it. It is a myth that you can get stuck in a state of hypnosis or that you will be completely under the power of the hypnotherapist. The reason for this myth comes from Stage Hypnotism where the willing participants will take on any suggestion given due to the nature of the show. In therapy we can use hypnosis to assist us to access the unconscious and super conscious parts of our mind, if need be we can use it as a gateway into past life progression or creating future life goals

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness can be a really helpful tool to become self regulating of old reactions to triggers and can take a role in all aspects of life, through mindfulness practice we can become more aware of our inner voices and how we speak to ourselves and others. We can find out how much energy we are wasting on useless thoughts, stories and assumptions. Forming a meditation habit is a wonderful way of enhancing this and also is great for your spiritual and mental health.

Energy EFT/ Modern Energy Tapping

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a very powerful and effective process that can be used for pretty much anything. It is a system based on acupressure points and creates change fast. It is safe to use with children too.
Read more about EFT.


Simply put, NLP is a wonderful way of re-programming our past negative experiences and creating an empowered future by learning how our unconscious mind processes the thoughts we have about ourselves, others and how we view life. If we change our thoughts using NLP techniques , we truly can change our lives.

Modern Stress Management

Modern Stress Management is a wonderful system that uses all the latest information we have on how stress affects us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. In MSM sessions you will be taught tools to help you deal on a very practical level with any sort of stress and its associated symptoms. The old saying a bit of stress is good for you has been found to be false. You will function much better from a high energised state and there are many ways to access that state

MSM can be taken in sessions, half day or full day workshops for individuals or groups

Working with Guidance

I was introduced to my 3 overseeing/universal guides at age 22 and have worked with them as well as several teams of personal and specialist guides ever since. I can help clients connect to their own guides in sessions and to clear out any blocks in this area. At age 22 I was lucky enough to be trained and attuned to The Divine Transformational Rays by Clive Hetherington and as part of some sessions use his statements to ask Divine spirit for help with clearing, releasing, entity protection and removal and much much more.

Healing, Spiritual Direction and Development, Attunements and Energy Work

Kelly has been a healer for 25 years and works by listening to the body of the client to find areas that are still holding on to trauma and releasing them. She uses many systems including Reiki in which she is attuned to master level and The Divine transformational rays. Both systems are available for clients wanting attunements.


Kelly is a highly intuitive, incredibly capable, open minded coach and therapist, with a deep and caring connection for everyone that she works with. A natural catalyst for positive change.

November 20, 2012

Kelly is totally committed to creating magnificent results with her clients. She works to gain resolutions that encompass all aspects i.e. emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Kelly is highly trained to use a range of techniques to achieve this, including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy®, Emotional Freedom Technique, Creating your Future Coaching© techniques and Healing. Kelly has also provided fantastic support for our students at Mind Training Systems as a valued Coaching Assistant on numerous training courses.

Kelly has an holistic approach to life with a very witty and energetic personality. Kelly has worked with Mind Training Systems to give clients magnificent results.

Kelly is a gifted hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, and a lively and friendly person with a “can do” attitude that is highly infectious.

September 27, 2012

Kelly is an amazing teacher as well as a therapist. I loved the way after every session I came away with lots of new inspiring information and tools I can use in my life as and when I need them… Thank you.

A. G., September 2016

Working with Kelly is very conducive to learning, exploring and experiencing for wonderful personal growth.

C.G., August 2016

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