What is Mindful Tapping Practice?

Lots of people don’t meditate because they think they can’t, maybe they’ve tried a few times and found their mind wondering off and thinking about lunch etc and then they give up.

I believe meditation is a fantastic tool but it’s much easier if you know how to physically change your energy state before you start practicing

Mindful tapping is a way of using Modern Energy Tapping (developed by Silvia Hartmann) with a mindfulness practice.

you will learn how to become fully present, utilise your breath to relax your body which in turn relaxes your mind. Then we will pick a positive energy state such as Tranquility or Serenity. We then use the tapping points and slowly and mindfully tap through the round. Once a round has completed we sit in the newly created energy state and enhance it with visual images and if so desired by bringing your own guides in for wonderful rejuvenating experiences.

Mindful Tapping is copyrighted to Kelly Mayne 2019


Come and spend a day using Mindful tapping to connect to spiritual guidance, 

and play with energies such as unity trust and unconditional love

is Saturday 16th February 2019 

Private sessions available 

Email Kelly at kellyreiki@btopenworld

or call me for an informal chat to book a free 30 minute consultation

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