by | May 22, 2017


If your child is suffering from exam stress, bullying, low self esteem, lack of confidence, sports/creative performance or problems sleeping why not book them in for a session in which we will utilise the fun aspects of tapping to empower them, help them feel calm , in control and more confident.

Emotional and Mental health in children is an important subject that can sometimes get brushed under the carpet as a child playing up or misbehaving in some way. The signs can be anything from becoming withdrawn to acting out any time they can but it is important to take notice and work to resolve it as soon as possible.

Sometimes a child or young adult will feel they cant put the problem into words and that's where Energy EFT really comes into its own. You may not be aware but we can work without knowing what the issue is!  This also works well when the child knows what the problem is but can't talk about it too.

Recent sessions with children and young adults have covered such subjects as

  1. Being bullied at school
  2. Panic at the thought of forgetting everything when taking exams
  3. Feeling sad at the thought of moving house and school
  4. How to cope with parents splitting up
  5. Gymnastic performance
  6. Anorexia 

By the end of the session your child will of learnt a tool for life (EEFT), how to access The Learning State and how to utilise breathing and posture to feel great

All sessions are based around the childs individual needs and in most cases a parent or suitable adult is required to be present. The sessions last 1 hour 15 minuites for under 12's and 1 and a half hours for over 12's

If this sounds right for your child please give me a ring  on 07879332394 or drop me an email on kellyreiki@btopenworld.com

Did you know Energy EFT is a completely safe therapy for children?

I have sessions available this half term at a special discounted rate for under 16's of just £45.00

Most children or young adults only need a maximum of 3 sessions and for many just 1 is enough.