Happy New year

by | Dec 21, 2017

Happy New Year…Lets work together to make 2018 great  

If there are things you would like to change so you can have a happier more content or exciting 2018, then look no further.  

As well as being trained in Goal setting I combine various techniques to clear out any blocks that have been holding you back.  

So whether you want to start this year healthier or you want to learn how to sort out stress Get in touch and find out how.   

 You might be surprised at how little work it takes 

 Smoking cessation 1 to 2 sessions 

 Tools for stress release workshop 1 session 

 Sleep issues 1-3 sessions 

 Fears and phobias 1-3 sessions 

 PTSD or Trauma work 6 sessions in most cases 

 Tension headaches 1 -3 sessions 

 So no need to be limited by health, stress or anxiety…Get in touch today 

These are approximate timings …occasionally people need a few more than quoted if there is a lot of different issues surrounding the symptoms