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by | Jan 9, 2013

I have completed the new training in Energy EFT in December meaning that I am one of only a handful of people in the UK currently trained to this level. The Master Practitioner training has been re-written from scratch by Dr. Silvia Hartmann, who is one of our fore most energy psychologists. Silvia says in the years since EFT was initially developed a lot has happened and we know so much more now. The new training reflects this and includes so much more than the initial training.

I have always loved EFT and found it to be hugely beneficial to my clients – and now it has even more to offer. I love the fact I can teach my clients a tool that they can do at any time and resolve a problem fast. EFT is wonderful for children and its only side effects are beneficial ones. You can find out more about this amazing technique at

Recent successes with EFT

  • A client finding out what was causing him to pick unhealthy relationships and then tapping to resolve this.
  • A client completely getting over her fear of dental treatment.
  • A client finding the cause of her emotional eating problems and resolving them in just 1 session.

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