Self Esteem Booster

by | Feb 6, 2016

Who is it for?

  • Your self esteem has taken a battering due to a series of events
  • You just don’t feel worthy/good enough
  • You have low expectations for yourself and how others see you
  • You are aware of early childhood events that have had an effect on how you about yourself

What will happen?

After taking a detailed personal history we will work together using a mixture of techniques depending on your circumstances and we will also ask you to take action outside of the sessions to add into rebuilding how you feel about yourself. We know that when you look after and care about yourself this extends out into all relationships you have in your life including your partner, your friends, your employers or employee’s and people you have to connect with on a day to day basis. It won’t take long for you to start feeling empowered confident and comfortable with who you are. This can be taken over 2 half days with a follow up session or in separate sessions.

How do I book?

You can click here for the booking form
Or you can call me for an informal chat on 07879332394
Or you can email me on